The Class of WXYZ is currently raising $1,000,000 for its Class Project, including

  1. $500,000 to support the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership (CEL),
  2. $300,000 for the Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) and
  3. $200,000 for the Naval Academy Annual Fund. It is suggested that gifts are split 50% for the CEL, 30% for the CAE and 20% for the Annual Fund.

Our support for the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership will provide plans to enrich its intellectual foundation in the ethics field while enhancing the instruction of ethics throughout the military education and training system.

Our support of the CAE will be used for the sole purpose of funding the operations of the Academic Center and will allow the Naval Academy to continue to provide academic counseling and advising, study and learning skill strategies and tutoring services for at-risk midshipmen and those seeking to improve their scholastic performance and better achieve their academic goals.

The Naval Academy Annual Fund is a versatile, unrestricted fund that allows the Superintendent flexibility to meet emerging needs of the Academy and underwrites mission-critical activities of the U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association/Foundation to serve the Academy and all Alumni. Annual Fund gifts are put to work immediately where they are needed most.
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